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【原文對照】How Cultural Changes Can Keep Your Workforce Safe

Do you have a culture of safety within your business? You could spend a great deal of time searching for the answer to the above question, because quantifying any type of culture is rather difficult. A safety culture, in particular, is tricky to measure. After all, how can one measure attitude, beliefs and values?

Cultures are powerful things, which is why it is vital to instill one that values safety in the workplace before something goes horribly wrong. By definition, ‘culture’ is an atmosphere created by collective beliefs and attitudes, and if those beliefs and attitudes disregard safety, accidents are almost inevitable. Safety cultures in the workplace don’t develop naturally – they have to be nurtured and encouraged by leading from the top, opening up communication channels and installing EH&S systems that promote a safer way to work.

In this post, we’re going to list some of the key reasons cultural changes are able to keep workforces safe. If you a can say “yes, we see that within our organization” – great. If not, you’ve got some work to do.<Read more>

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【國際新聞】快訊/大阪造船廠「船隻爆炸」!6工人當場遭大火吞沒 至少釀7傷

新聞日期:2024-06-06 新聞來源:ETtoday新聞雲 文/記者王佩翊/編譯 日本大阪府一間船塢的修理廠6日下午發生爆炸意外,當時一艘船隻正在修理廠內修繕,怎知卻突然爆炸,至少有 7人遭到波及,目前傷勢與傷者的性別尚不明。為此,消防隊也出動31輛消防車到場救援。 根據《讀賣電視台》報導,大阪市西成區南津守的造船廠「新來島佐野安造船大阪製造所」(新来島サノヤス造船 大阪製造所)6日下午2時4

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