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美國職業安全衛生署(Occupational Safety and Health Administration) 在今年度於加州安那翰(Anaheim, Calif) 舉行的國家安全會議(2016 National Safety Congress)上公布了最常發生的職安意外統計。每年的意外項目基本上大同小異,僅會有排名順序(意即發生次數)的更動。職安署官員建議,雇主和勞工可參照這個統計排行,找出根本的成因並進行分析,以防患於未然,避免事故發生。


1. 墜落防護 Fall Protection

2. 化學品危害通識 Hazard Communications

3. 鷹架搭設 Scaffolding

4. 呼吸道防護 Respiratory Protection

5. 上鎖掛牌 Lockout/Tagout (LOTO)


6. 工程車輛管制

7. 可移動梯架

8. 機械設備維護

9. 電氣線路維護

10. 一般電器維護



【原文對照】NSC 2016: OSHA's Top 10 Violations for 2016

OSHA released preliminary results for its most frequent violations at the 2016 National Safety Congress in Anaheim, Calif. Patrick Kapust, deputy director at OSHA'S Directorate of Enforcement programs, said the results are similar year-over-year, but a particular citation may move up or down the list.

"As an employer, what this list can do is give you a place to start," Kapust told attendees. "You can take a look at this list, identify root causes, perform analysis and stop an injury before it occurs."

The agency has implemented serious offender programs and other initiatives to reduce the number of incidents. However, the most common types of violations remain constant and continue to cause thousands of injuries and deaths each year.

The list is comprised of all violations taken into account through Sept. 30. A definitive list will be available closer to year-end 2016.… <READ MORE>

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【新聞】強化工廠火災爆炸預防 職安署納114年勞檢方針

新聞日期:2024-07-11 新聞來源:經濟日報 文/中央社 記者吳欣紜台北11日電 屏東明揚工廠爆炸事故造成嚴重傷亡,勞動部職業安全衛生署近日公布明年勞檢方針,新增強化火災爆炸高風險工廠檢查,將檢查範圍擴及所有具火災爆炸高風險工廠。 根據勞動檢查法規定,勞動部必須依據國內勞動狀況、安全衛生條件、職業災害嚴重率及傷害頻率,在每年年度前6個月公布勞動檢查方針,而各地勞檢機構須在勞檢方針公告3個月內

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