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內容摘要:無論是為了鼓勵員工回報意外事故,或者是尋找一個簡單好上手的工具,在評估安環軟體時,考量的因素都有非常多種。 該從哪裡下手?又該怎麼挑選出最適合公司的系統呢? 所有安環軟體的目的都是為了讓員工能改善衛生、工安和勞動環境的狀況。這幾個項目是不同的領域,要挑出一個能正確應用於這些項目的軟體並不容易──除非你很清楚你在找的是什麼。 在這篇文章中,我們將選出一個好的安環軟體必備的五個優點。




Five Benefits to Look for in Your EH&S Software

There are many reasons you might be looking for EH&S software; whether it’s trying to increase your visibility by encouraging employees to report incidents or looking for something that’s easy for everyone to use.

Where do you start? How do you pick the most appropriate system for your organization?On the face of it, all EH&S software purports to help improve the health and safety of a business and the environment inhabited by its employees. They’re all different, though, and picking the right one can be rather tricky. Unless you know what to look for, of course.In this post, we’ve got 5 benefits to seek out in EH&S software… <READ MORE>


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