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英國環境食品暨鄉村事務部 (DEFRA) 近期更新了溫室氣體排放計算的指南。







As an EHS, sustainability or corporate social responsibility professional, measuring greenhouse gas emissions will be the starting point along the reporting journey for your company. It can be a difficult journey to manage, but the benefits and the obligations are well-established.

Measuring greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) is difficult, time-consuming and potentially very expensive. A clear strategy for measuring GHGs needs to be set from the beginning. Measurement is a quantitative exercise; however, some of the questions surrounding where to draw boundaries and the scope of measurement can be a judgment call.

Furthermore, it can be harder than previously thought to ensure that data is exact. For example, it can be hard to quantify energy use when a building is shared with another company. The process of collecting data can be complicated further by the constant development of reporting protocols. This regulatory uncertainty means that companies constantly need to keep abreast of the latest developments..… <READ MORE>

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